EQ'd Vintage Series Classic Overdrive


     This pedal pays homage to pedals such as the TS808, OD-­1, SD­‐1, TS9 and all the other overdrives that share the same lineage. The “vintage/crunch” toggle switch swaps out the typical small silicon diode clipping for a more open and less compressed LED clipping that’s a favorite of boutique overdrives.
     As with all EQ’d Vintage Series pedals, the Classic Overdrive features a powerful 3­‐band EQ with a sweepable or parametric midrange. The concentric knobs keep everything compact, yet easy to use. The soft-­touch relay switching system offers reliable pop‐free true bypass switching. The through‐hole (not surface mount) PCB is assembled entirely by hand right here in our shop in Richland, WA.